Frequently Asked Questions

On Onboarding

Do I need to register (with user-id / password) on
Anyone can browse all listings without registering, but to start trading (buying or selling), registration and creating an account are required.

I already registered but I am not able to start trading? manually validates each registration before admitting new users to the platform. This process may take a few hours, and you will receive an email once you are approved.

I did not receive a confirmation mail after my registration?
If you haven’t received the confirmation email in your spam folder, please contact us through the contact form.

What verifications is performing in order to keep the B2B platform trustworthy?
See the overview of verifications below.

Validations perform by

Is access to restricted to a geographical area, continent or country?
There is no limitation; we allow registrations from around the globe.

On Pricing

How much will I be charged for using
We do not charge subscription or listing fees. Our fees are only applicable to successful transactions between buyers and sellers. For detailed pricing information, please refer to pricing information.

Do you always charge a transaction fee?
No, the transaction fee is only applicable in case of a successful transaction between a buyer and seller. Please consult the detailed pricing information.

Will I be charged for posting a listing on
No, posting new listings is entirely free.

On Listings

Will I be charged for posting a listing on
No, posting new listings are entirely free.

My listing is not visible on the marketplace?
Every listing is manually verified before being posted, which might take up to a few hours. See the overview of validations below.

Can I modify or remove a listing?
Yes, registered users can easily modify and remove their listings at any time.

Can I create a listing in different currencies?
Currently, only listings in Euro are supported. However, online payments can be made in your local currency. Multi-currency support is planned for a future version.

On Payments

Does every transaction require an online payment via
No, when posting a new listing, you have two options: sell with or without online payment. In the latter case, both parties, buyer and seller, agree on the payment details.

Do we have the choice between different payment providers?
No, if a seller opts for online payment, Stripe is the single payment provider offered.

Why is Stripe the payment provider of choice on
Stripe supports 200+ countries, 25+ currencies, and dozens of global payment methods. Its fraud prevention features and the unique payment release process upon buyer confirmation make it the ideal choice for secure transactions.

Once a transaction is concluded, you will receive your payment through one of the following actions:

  1. The transaction is manually marked as completed by the buyer: As soon as the buyer confirms the successful completion of the transaction, you will receive your payment without delay.
  2. The transaction is manually marked as completed by the admin: In cases where buyer confirmation may be delayed, our admin team will ensure a smooth process by manually marking the transaction as completed, promptly releasing your funds.
  3. 90 days have passed since the seller accepted the transaction request, without any feedback from the buyer: If there is no response from the buyer within the 90-day period, your payment will still be processed. Our team will manually ensure you receive the rightful compensation for your sale.

What happens when a buyer does not acknowledge the goods via Stripe?
In such cases, rest assured that will act diligently to resolve any discrepancies. We will promptly reach out to the buyer, requesting the necessary evidence to validate the transaction. Our aim is to ensure a fair and transparent process for all parties involved. If, despite our efforts, satisfactory evidence cannot be provided, you can count on to protect your interests. We will release the payment to the seller, ensuring that you are rightfully compensated.

On Security

Is your website secure? uses HTTPS protocol and certificates to protect information from being viewed by unauthorized parties. It guards against man-in-the-middle attacks and ensures bidirectional encryption of communications, safeguarding privacy and data integrity.

Does keep my password secure?
Yes, we take security seriously, and passwords are securely stored using the bcrypt password hashing function, making it extremely difficult to retrieve the original password.

What personal data is shared with other members of the marketplace?
We do not share any personal data. Other members can only view your chosen alias and communicate through our built-in messaging feature, as your email address remains invisible to other users.

Are marketplace transactions secure and PCI-compliant? prioritizes security and follows best practices to ensure your marketplace data is safe. We do not store or process credit card information. All credit card transactions are handled by Stripe, a fully PCI-compliant and trusted payment processor.